Wandering Goose book

I was at the coffee shop working today and I saw this lovely illustrated book on the shelf!  The wandering goose is a local, Seattle cafe that specializes in southern style dining.  They've put out a sweet little picture book illustrated by local illustrator and designer Frida Clements. She has a beautiful style of line drawing.  I like her floral patterns. Here are a few snaps that I sneaked!

2014-01-08 15.10.38.jpg
2014-01-08 15.11.24.jpg
2014-01-08 15.12.00.jpg

Book Review - Jump, Trust, Repeat by Jessica Swift

I've been following Jessica Swift for quite a few years now. She's a wonderful illustrator and pattern designer and  lately she's delved into creating and selling more and more products and has been super successful.  I feel like I can relate to her style a bit because she has a lovely hand drawn quality to her work and she has a lot of different mediums that she works in like painting as well as illustration as well as surface design.  She has managed to create a cohesive brand throughout, which is something that I'm always looking to do.

I have been wanting to read her e-book Jump, Trust, Repeat for awhile, and when she had a sale on it early last month I JUMPED at the the chance to get it!  For anyone who is looking to get into the business of selling products, repeat patterns or just a creative venture, I would highly recommend reading this book.


I love Jessica's casual style of writing, her enthusiasm makes you want to get out and do something!  She gives you so much detailed information that is truly helpful.  Her honesty and openness is refreshing, it makes you feel like you are not the only one who has struggled with doubt or made a wrong decision.  

The book is inspiring in that it makes me feel that I can create in my own way and not have to worry about what others think. She emphasizes over and over again that you don't need to follow any one else's plan. I like that her designs just flow out of her own mind and inspiration.

I'm happy that I read this book at the beginning of the new year, I've set a lot of new goals to make my business successful!  Definitely pick up this e-book if you and looking to start your own business or just be re-inspired!  You can find it on her website HERE!