Strange Creatures - New Illustrations

I was a strange kid.  Obsessed with certain animals, the stranger the better.  I loved llamas, angler fish, anteaters. My favorite cartoon character was the anteater on the Pink Panther.  So, here is a little project that I've been working on that may appeal to those of you out there who are a little, um....unique. 


Wandering Goose book

I was at the coffee shop working today and I saw this lovely illustrated book on the shelf!  The wandering goose is a local, Seattle cafe that specializes in southern style dining.  They've put out a sweet little picture book illustrated by local illustrator and designer Frida Clements. She has a beautiful style of line drawing.  I like her floral patterns. Here are a few snaps that I sneaked!

2014-01-08 15.10.38.jpg
2014-01-08 15.11.24.jpg
2014-01-08 15.12.00.jpg