Geraldine's Counter - for dinner!

I live in Columbia City, a little community in south Seattle. It's a quaint little area with a main drag, little shops and a few great eateries. Geraldine's Counter is a staple here. Every weekend (and some week days too!) there is a pretty hefty line of people waiting for brunch at this trendy diner. I've gone there for brunch more times than I can count, and it is well worth the wait. It's always fresh and distinctive. 

I had never even thought of having dinner there, I'm not sure why. So, last Friday, after a particularly difficult and emotionally draining week we decided to try it. I was really craving something with that home-cooked taste to satisfy my need for comfort at that time. One of their specials was a goat cheese ravioli with spinach and butternut squash. It hit the spot! It tasted so fresh and home-made, I was savoring every bite (probably also because eating pasta is not a regular occurrence for me either!). There was also yummy garlic bread which I'm pretty sure they get from the Columbia City bakery

I will definitely be going back to Geraldine's for dinner, and brunch, and lunch, and desert.....