Delridge Co-op was looking for alternatives to a store front. Is it possible to have a mobile grocery where food could be delivered or where the truck could be parked and customers could pick up fresh food in their neighborhood?
 Our team of three designers including myself worked on creating a logo and identity for the brand. We wanted the brand to feel approachable drawing inspiration from hand-painted signage around the world. 
 I created icons and a pattern for them to use along with the logo as a part of the brand.
 One of the main considerations of this project was creating a space in the neighborhood where everyone feels welcome. Having a community with such diverse population, we tried to use visual images to convey a clear message. 
 I created this illustrated map of the neighborhood where most of their members live. They will be able to use this for promotional materials, website and to track members locations.
 Delridge Co-Op has a farm stand in the neighborhood every summer. They sell fresh fruits and veggies. We wanted to come up with a take away and promotional flyer for these events. Deciding that coloring pages would be a terrific way to reach out and also send a message, these "exercising veggies" that I illustrated were a hit!
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