Are you looking for a dynamic, interactive way to bring your team together to inspire CREATIVITY & COLLABORATION?

PLAY, CREATIVITY AND PROBLEM SOLVING is a unique corporate workshop experience offered by Esther Loopstra and Troy Coleman. Everyone on your team approaches the creative process in different ways and EVERY role in business can be CREATIVE.

Is there an easy, fun, and productive way to solve problems that engage us as individuals and allow us thrive as a team? YES.


In this 90 minute workshop we will engage your group in a series of short solo + group experiments to:

  • Use creative play to embrace intuition and collaboration

  • Build creative confidence

  • Inspire innovation

  • Find unexpected and unique results through exploration

  • Learn a wholistic method of problem solving

  • shift thinking from a default logical mode to a more expanded perspective 

If you are interested in booking this workshop for your team, please contact