Brunch Illustrations

Any time I can, I like to try a new brunch place in Seattle. I recently went to brunch with some friends and my suggestion was Ba Bar in Capitol Hill, Seattle. I didn't know much about the restaurant but whenever I drive past the restaurant it's packed, so I thought it must be good. Turns out they serve Vietnamese street food and noodles... and delicious pastries. We ordered brunch which was terrific, flavorful and unique but the highlight was this pastry that we THOUGHT was a donut. All of us were going crazy over this thing so we had to order another one. It was flaky and chewy with just the right texture. It wasn't until I got home and did some research for this illustration that it is actually a "cronut". This term has been trademarked so I think they call them "Double Happiness" according to this article by The Seattle Times. I've been meaning to try this treat (a combination of a doughnut and a croissant) since I started hearing about them awhile back so I know I'm a little late in the game. But stumbling upon it at this terrific local restaurant was a moment that my mouth will not soon forget. 


From the Sketchbook - Spaghetti Squash Stirfry

I love me some Spaghetti Squash!! In the past few years I've found out that my body hates processed carbs :( So, I do a sort of modified low carb diet. Since I usually try to avoid as many carbs as I can during the week, my favorite new find has been Spaghetti Squash.

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Food Map of Italy

This summer we are planning a trip to Italy.  I've always had this romantic notion of driving through Italy and stopping at tiny little towns along the way...enjoying all of the food and coffee that I can.  I decided to prepare for my trip by creating a map which shows the cuisine of Italy by region and city.  This map has gotten a lot of love on Behance lately and was also featured on this terrific Interesting maps blog.  This was a fun project, combining three of my favorite things to draw: maps, hand lettering and food! Here are a few snapshots.

Strange Creatures - New Illustrations

I was a strange kid.  Obsessed with certain animals, the stranger the better.  I loved llamas, angler fish, anteaters. My favorite cartoon character was the anteater on the Pink Panther.  So, here is a little project that I've been working on that may appeal to those of you out there who are a little, um....unique.