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My paintings seem to evolve in their own time and in their own way, each one has a unique voice. I use painting as a way to get out of my head, freely exploring color, pattern, texture and subject matter. We spend so much time each day within constraints and working with acrylic paint lets me flow with my instincts, developing layers, working back into them and allowing each piece to change and grow along the way.  

I think of it as a celebration of the ever-changing process that is life itself. I'm inspired not only by the beauty in nature, but also by the contrast of its dark side that surrounds us and is inside of us. Woven into my work are symbols that span cultures as well as images of portals and other-worldly places inspired by my travels and curiosity about culture and myth. My hope is that these messages will resonate with each viewer in their own personal, unique way. 


Esther Loopstra is an artist, illustrator and teacher whos work is an extension of her perpetual curiosity. She grew up in southern California, received her BFA in Illustration at Minneapolis College of Art and design and now lives in Seattle. 

Her paintings and illustrations radiate whimsy, dreaminess, and fluidity. Her work has been shown in galleries, used for print ads, editorials, books, stationery products, & textiles. She also helps others find and express the creativity that resides inside of them in her workshops as well as by teaching at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.


Helping others find and express the creativity that resides inside of them is at the core of what brings me joy. I give talks on a variety of topics and have been told that my enthusiasm and curiosity is contagious. I’ve been called a “Creativity Expert” because I love speaking about what I’ve learned on my journey as a working illustrator, teacher and artist.